Carmen Souster, BA, B.Ed., MSLP, S-LP(C), R.SLP(C)

Speech Language Pathologist; Director and Principal, Big PLANS for Little Kids Ltd.

Carmen_SousterCarmen Souster grew up in a tiny farming community East of Big Valley, Alberta where she learned a lot about growing food, nature’s seasons, raising animals and taking care of neighbours. Carmen went to the University of Calgary to earn her first two degrees in Linguistics and Education.  She taught for almost 6 months prior to accepting a position offered in the Masters of Speech-Language Pathology program at the University of Alberta. Carmen finished the latter half of her Master’s at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, where she experienced her first multi-disciplinary assessments in Autism Diagnosis. Carmen has lived in Calgary for the past 19 years and is now married with 3 wonderful girls.  She works part-time as a speech-language pathologist and part-time as the Director of Big PLANS for Little Kids, Ltd.

If you were to ask Carmen what her favorite thing is about her career, she would say EVERYTHING! She loves the preschools and people she works with, she loves the constant encouragement to learn more about children’s learning, and she loves the challenge of providing successful outcomes in the face of unexpected challenges. In her spare time, she loves to be outside running, especially to notice the seasons changing, she enjoys walking her dogs, she is just beginning to recognize the many benefits of regularly practicing yoga and meditation, likes reading books, playing the piano and learning to play the cello. Her most treasured moments are those spent watching her girls play sports and moments with friends and family just enjoying time together.


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