Summer is Here!

As Iblog last of spring sit down to write this last blog before summer break, it seems like the month of June is overwhelming to so many families! Graduations, end of year celebrations, final days of sports, P.A.T.’S, final exams, field trips, meetings and so much more! Whew it is a lot!

Kids are checked out, parents are done with lunches, and teachers are counting down the days. So, be kind to yourself. We will get there! Summer days will come, and with that there will days filled with sun, bugs, laughter, boredom and fun. Looking for simple ideas of how to fill summer days? Check out the issue of the Big PLANS in print May/June’s Newsletter that included tips about imaginative play and summer safety.

Parents also need to be kind to themselves about high expectations of what the summer will look like! Currently I have visions of long walks and quality conversations with my teen girls. The reality is that I will probably spend most of my time getting them off their devices and wondering why they can’t seem to make their beds, or clean up breakfast dishes! Real life still happens in summer too. There are responsibilities, chores and work to be done!

However, in summer we are often given a few more moments of relaxation. Enjoy watching your children play and get dirty. Celebrate the long warm days when everyone goes to bed too late because the neighbourhood is filled with people. Appreciate the moments when relationships lead, and burdens ease. Along your adventures over the summer, watch for the natural opportunities for community building. Chat with a neighbour who you don’t know, invite kids over from school, or host a BBQ with families who don’t know each other. Remember that the family that you so enjoyed camping next to – that is community too!

If you are in search of some new favourite summer local activities to do this summer – check out this link of 100 fun things to do in Calgary!

Chat with you again in the fall… and wave at your neighbours for me! – Cara



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