Always Learning!

big plansThis week I presented at a large provincial conference. Three days of connecting with people who also work in supporting people who are vulnerable. It was busy and loud, but in the end I was able to take away information that will help me all year. As a speaker and writer my work is isolated, and I am continually learning.

Parenting is even more complicated. The need to learn, and the issues that come up never ends! Raising little people is overwhelming, exhausting, exciting and amazing. We can’t do this in an isolated environment. It is important that we continue to learn and see what resources exist. Look around to see what information is being offered by your school, community or even the services that you are connected to.

Did you know that Big PLANS is offering free parenting sessions for preschool families? Maybe you are interested in finding out how to build up your child’s self-esteem and build relationships? You will want to make sure to attend my “Building Community Connections” on May 23rd. For more information please visit or email

Parent Link Centres are another fantastic resource. Did you know that each centre provides free parenting and play programs to meet the unique needs of the families and communities it serves? To find a Parent Link Centre near you, visit:

How about your local library? Did you know they offer free local events and classes on a regular basis? Visit the events section at to find out more!

Although the internet enables us to find answers on every topic imaginable, there is something meaningful about learning in person, hearing people’s stories and experiences, and then applying them to your home.

Have you found a great resource in your community? We would love to hear about it! Please send us the link or details in the comments section so we can share the information with others.


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