Do with… not for!

How do we stop doing things for our children that they can do for themselves? I have been receiving some great questions lately about supporting independence– so let’s look into this area further. It is often hard to slow down and allow children to do things for themselves. We live in fast times, and it … Continue reading Do with… not for!


Planning for Summer Days

Spring is in the air! As summer approaches, schools, sports and commitments come to an end. This is often a time where families reflect on the past year, thinking about skills their children may have gained and setting goals for the summer ahead. At this time, I encourage you to keep in mind contribution and … Continue reading Planning for Summer Days

Always Learning!

This week I presented at a large provincial conference. Three days of connecting with people who also work in supporting people who are vulnerable. It was busy and loud, but in the end I was able to take away information that will help me all year. As a speaker and writer my work is isolated, … Continue reading Always Learning!