Community is at home too!

blogAs I mentioned in the last blog, community is right where you are! However, many families forget that community includes home too! We often overlook the importance of home, thinking that is doesn’t count as community. The next time you are walking out the front door towards a “community outing”, I challenge you to remember that the front door also opens so that you can let people in. Who is coming over for a visit?

Neighbours matter! Instead of going to a trendy park, consider taking your children to the neighborhood playground on a regular basis. Why? When they play close to home, your children will have a higher chance of meeting kids who live near them.

Do you know some of the neighbourhood children in your area? Watch to see when they are usually playing outside. On my street, the kids play with chalk, bikes and Ripsticks. There are thousands of “pathways” all over my neighbourhood that the kids create to travel around.

As your children start to play near home, they create more opportunities to be noticed, known, and missed. Home is always the place we should begin. Wave at those neighbours… and I will see you at the playground!


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