Where is the Community?

59sjy264-1448475998[1]In my work, I am often asked how we can help children “find community”? My answer is always the same… community is actually right where you are! It is not something you can leave and then go back to.

It is where your children naturally journey! It is at home, at school, on the school bus, at the local park or walking home.

Community is not something you attend or join, but rather it is something to become aware of. Think of it like a hula hoop around your child! Who is there in their life? How can you help them connect to the children that naturally surround them? Who sits next to them in their class? Who lives on their street? Who attends swimming lessons with them?

Slow down and look for simple opportunities for your children to be introduced to the people, and community, that is already there!


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