Being noticed, known, and missed! How is your child missed?

Classroom with empty wooden desksMany families think that “belonging” only happens in large events or interactions, but often times it comes in the form of small simple gestures. Over the last six weeks, through our three part series, we have asked you to be observant of some of the significant, yet simple ways you can know that your children are connecting to their surrounding communities. Where are your children noticed, known, and missed?

This week, take note of when your child is missed! When do peers or teachers notice your son/daughter is absent from a regular activity? At school or the bus stop? In the neighbourhood? At a place of worship? When do you hear the statement “I haven’t seen Amy in a while… where is she?” Being missed is another encouraging sign that your child has a place and presence in the community. Keep in mind that this is not just about building community, but about safety! When people around us know who our children are, their names, their routines… they are safer. Continue to celebrate the small but meaningful steps that help all people build community.


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