How is your child known?

Being noticed, known, and missed! How is your child known?

istock_000032949808largeMany families think that “belonging” only happens in large events or interactions, but often times it comes in the form of small simple gestures. Over the next few weeks, through our three-part series, we will ask you to be observant of some of the significant, yet simple ways you can know that your children are connected to their surrounding communities. We are going to break down the important question: Is your child noticed, known, and missed?

This week, take note of when your child is acknowledged by name!  Where are they known? Do their peers interact with more than just a smile? Do people know your child and what interests them? This could be at swimming, a favorite restaurant, a store, or school. It may be that your son/daughter can introduce themselves, or they might need help – either way, it is important that introductions occur, and this can often be the bridge that begins inclusive experiences. When your child walks into a space, and someone greets them by name… celebrate!


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