Conversations with Cara…

caraMy name is Cara Milne and I am a mom, wife, public speaker, author and business owner. I am known more as a talker than a writer; however, when Big PLANS asked if I would be interested sharing my ideas and stories on their blog, I could not resist! My true passion lies in helping people build communities; not just token experiences, but real communities where people feel like they belong and are noticed, known and missed. This blogging process will be an opportunity for me to share some of my ideas and stories, and hopefully encourage families along the way.

My hope is that this blog will also be a conversation between families. An opportunity to connect, share ideas and concerns. You are not alone. There are families right now who are on a path just like yours. Reach out! Share your expertise and your struggles. Let’s create a space where we can feel comfortable to ask questions, and safe enough to respond wit honest answers!

  • What are some of your burning questions around how to build connections and community for your son or daughter? What would be most helpful to discuss?
  • Feel free to share what you need – or what you are searching for. Tell me a bit about
  • yourself!

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